The value of waste

Food waste returns to the fore with the new European project “Agrimax”. Agrimax is a project funded by the European Union that develops and demonstrates the production of multiple high-value products from crop residues.. The project is also developing economically competitive routes for the commercialization of these products.

Food production for disposal

Álvaro Areta, representative of the Coordinator of Farmers and Livestock Organizations (COAG), already told us in the conference cycle dedicated to food use, that 28% of agricultural land is used to produce food that is lost.

According to Álvaro Areta “The main causes that generate waste in the primary sector are economic or commercial in nature. Globalized food markets are marked by a high speculative nature, with large trade flows and long marketing chains, great price volatility, and are guilty of setting up and bursting enormous bubbles. "Such a food model causes serious harm to society as a whole, and to consumers in particular, and generates serious problems of food waste in the chain."

On the other hand, the general director of the Food Industry, Jose Miguel Herrero, at the conference “The environmental impact of food waste”, organized by AECOC, highlighted the importance of reducing food waste to guarantee the sustainability of the chain. food. When wasting food, not only food is lost, but also the resources used to obtain it, the work of producers and the rest of the operators in the food supply chain, the research effort and the enthusiasm of those who put the food in our lives. table.

Food waste contributes to climate change

Food loss and waste represents a huge loss of resources, including water, land, energy, labor and capital, and leads to greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.

Murgiplast, recycled and recyclable pots

At Murgiplast we are committed to the value of waste, the environment and the circular economy. For this reason, our pots and agricultural boxes are made with recycled material and are recyclable.