Agricultural Boxes

Plastic boxes for agricultural use are a fundamental pillar in the production of Murgiplast. For this reason, we have an extensive range of models of plastic boxes for all types of fruits and vegetables.

We are experts in the manufacture of various types of boxes for vegetables and fruits with extensive experience of more than 30 years supplying cooperatives and alhóndigas in Almeria. In addition, we have all the necessary certificates. Consequently, we work to create the best agricultural boxes on the market.

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Featured Features

These solid boxes with grids are specially designed for the transport and storage of vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Another of their characteristics is that they are stackable, in such a way that space is saved and palletized transport of large quantities is facilitated.

Durability is another of our priorities, which is why we manufacture our agricultural boxes with a strong and resistant structure, so that they allow several uses and the protection of the goods that you want to transport is guaranteed. We have subjected all our agricultural boxes to various stress and resistance tests to guarantee their durability in the face of temperature changes in cold rooms and climatic changes, as well as continued use of a heavy workload.

Thanks to our engineering department and our own workshop, we have perfected our boxes with the ideal weight to tolerate the weight of the load without deforming and agile and dynamic handling. We have also focused on providing rounded grates and blunt edges to avoid damaging the fruit being transported.


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At Murgiplast, we not only manufacture agricultural boxes, but we create solutions that enhance your business. We are committed to offering you not only quality products, but a long-term partnership based on trust and customer satisfaction.

Boost your agricultural production with the confidence of Murgiplast. Request a free trial of our farm boxes today and discover how durability, customization and logistics efficiency can transform your supply chain. Contact us now for a tailored quote and take the next step towards farming success!