Transport trays

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Transport trays

Pot transport trays are a basic tool in horticulture. It is important that pots with plants are well fixed and protected during transport, therefore, trays for transporting live plants are of utmost importance for all nurseries, garden stores and producers who need to move their ornamental plant.

The plant transport trays adapt to the different diameters and sizes of pots and containers, fitting and anchoring the pot perfectly. We have various models that have different types of drainage to meet the needs of each crop.

TRAY 17 (ST 3156-17/6 D)56318698070
TRAY 14 (ST 2943-14/6 B)4329762.000100
TRAY 13 (ST 3156-10/13 D)56317.61098070
TRAY 12 (ST 3156-12/12 D)563171298070
TRAY 10.5 (ST 3153-10.5/15 B7)53316.1151.530102
TRAY 9 (D-ST 9 C/18 D)53305181.21676



At Murgiplast we specialize in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of plastic pots and agricultural boxes. We are manufacturers and wholesale distributors for nurseries, seedbeds, garden centers, grow shops and any ornamental plant producer or business. We are also the supplier of warehouses, agricultural cooperatives and different fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

If you are looking for suppliers of cheap plastic pots for nurseries in Spain, Murgiplast is the manufacturer and distributor you need. We provide solutions to your needs for economical plastic pots and agricultural boxes and advise you on the best solutions for your business.


Tray 9 (D-ST 9 C/18 D), Tray 10.5 (ST 3153-10.5/15 B7), Tray 12 (ST 3156-12/12 D), Tray 13 (ST 3156-10/13 D), Tray 14 (ST 2943-14/6 B), Tray 17 (ST 3156-17/6 D)




Box, Pallet 1 x 0.80 m