Cultivation Trays

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Culture Trays

With our cultivation trays we respond to the planting of seeds and cuttings for later transplanting.

On the one hand, we have designed a tray and basket system that allows you to reuse the trays and exchange baskets with different sizes to adapt to the particular needs of each plantation. Furthermore, we offer a rigid seed tray for growing small cuttings.

Alveoli holder tray

Our series of growing trays and their corresponding alveolus baskets are the perfect combination for your plantation. You can combine baskets with 6 and 12 cells in your 8-cavity tray.

CELL HOLDER TRAY46,133,36.81.26064

Alveolus baskets

Alveolus baskets are perfect for the germination of all types of plants. With perfect drainage and the exact firmness for an agile and easy transplant without breaking.

BASKET 6 CELLS16,111,364,818.000900
BASKET 12 CELLS16,111,363,218.000900



QPE Tray

Together with the cultivation trays, these seed trays have 150 alveoli and differ from classic seedling covers due to their rigidity. With this format, cork trays are not necessary.

QPE TRAY54,936,16,43.1 x 3.1 x 680045




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QPE Tray, Basket with 12 cells, Basket with 6 cells, Cell holder tray, Irrigation tray




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