Thermoformed Pots

Thermoformed (or thermoformed) pots are a type of pot characterized by its manufacturing process. Thermoforming or thermoforming is a process that involves heating a plastic sheet so that it softens and thus giving it shape with a mold.

The main characteristics of this type of pots are the following:

  • Low price: Very little material is needed to manufacture this type of pots, thus reducing production costs. On the other hand, the low thickness and optimized stacking allow a large number of pots to be contained in a small space, saving on transportation and storage costs.
  • Flexibility: These pots are created with very thin layers of plastic, which gives great malleability and moldability to the final product.
  • Lightness: Weight is one of the great benefits of these pots. Thin and light material makes very light planters.
  • Opacity: Despite the thinness of its walls, the fact of using two plastic sheets to create the pot means that light does not pass into the pot and damage the roots of the plant.
  • Recycled and recyclable material: The thermoformed pots we have at Murgiplast use recycled and recyclable 100% material, which promotes a more circular economy, which conserves resources and protects our climate.
  • Other advantages What our thermoformed catalog has are: a wide variety of sizes, formats and finishes; wide, rounded sturdy edge, optimized for potting machines; drainage on two levels for perfect drainage and aeration; Stable base optimized for conveyor belts.

With all these advantages for nurseries and producers, thermoformed pots have become an excellent option for much of the professional cultivation around the world.

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