Plant trays (seedbeds)

Discover our latest news at Murgiplast! Constantly expanding our catalog in the online store, we are proud to present you our new product line: plant trays and seedbed trays!

Optimize your sowing with our specialized trays

Prepared for seed germination and rooting of cuttings, our trays are the perfect choice for your horticultural projects. Designed to adapt to different planting needs, we offer a variety of sizes and socket configurations to satisfy any requirement.

Durability and flexibility

Made in an elegant black color, our plant trays are designed with an optimal balance between flexibility and resistance. This ensures that they can easily withstand the intensity of a full growing season, without compromising their structural integrity.

Facilitating the care of your plants

Each tray has a hole at the base of the alveoli. These holes not only ensure proper drainage for your plants, but they also greatly facilitate the transplanting process by allowing easy and convenient access to remove the cuttings.

Find your ideal trays now

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Murgiplast plant trays (seedbeds)