Arena Series Pots and Containers

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Arena Series Pots and Containers

The Arena Series is one of our star ranges. They are a set of pot models with a very aesthetic and decorative matte and sandblasted finish. All of them have a very elegant light terracotta color.

For nurseries and garden centers that want a differentiating and attractive touch, the Arena Series pots and containers are, certainly, the best option. In this series of round plastic planters we opt for a sober design with a slightly rough finish to the touch.

With diameters ranging from 17 centimeters to 30 centimeters, we have in each of the models the tallest version (containers) and the flattest version (pots).

AC 171715,83YEAH6.930225
CA 1919184YEAH2.240162
AC 222220,96YEAH1.560NO
AC 2525238YEAH800NO
AC 303024,710YEAH645NO
MA 171712,52YEAH3.780230
MA 191915,63,5NO2.304174
MA 222218,55YEAH1.560NO
MA 252520,57YEAH800NO
MA 3030229NO660NO



At Murgiplast we specialize in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of plastic pots and agricultural boxes. We are manufacturers and wholesale distributors for nurseries, seedbeds, garden centers, grow shops and any ornamental plant producer or business. We are also the supplier of warehouses, agricultural cooperatives and different fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

If you are looking for suppliers of cheap plastic pots for nurseries in Spain, Murgiplast is the manufacturer and distributor you need. We provide solutions to your needs for economical plastic pots and agricultural boxes and advise you on the best solutions for your business.

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CA-17, CA-19, CA-22, CA-25, CA-30, MA-17, MA-19, MA-22, MA-25, MA-30




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