Pots and Containers Nursery Series

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Nursery Series Pots and Containers

The Viverista Series is characterized by being solid and resistant pots against all types of inclement weather, work manipulation and strong and vigorous roots. We have a wide range of sizes ranging from 3 liters to 50 liters in capacity.

Made of polyethylene for greater resistance and lateral drainage to prevent the roots from grabbing the soil, these pots are especially designed for outdoor cultivation.

The Viverista Series pots and containers are a range of planters in black and terracotta to adjust costs. Specially manufactured for nurseries and producers who grow trees and plants with thick roots and trunks.

CV 22x2122216,5NO1.680NO
CV 22x21 R22216,5NO1.680NO
CV 24x242423,69,5NO900NO
CV 24x24 R2423,69,5NO900NO
CV 28x282827,815NO720NO
CV 32x323231,822NO360NO
MV 18x161815,53NO3.500130
MV 20x1820184,5NO1.62048
MV 24x2024207,5NO900NO
MV 28x24282412NO700NO
MV 32x263225,619NO360NO
MV 36x283627,727NO300NO
MV 42x324232,138NO200NO
MV 50x355034,750NO160NO



At Murgiplast we specialize in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of plastic pots and agricultural boxes. We are manufacturers and wholesale distributors for nurseries, seedbeds, garden centers, grow shops and any ornamental plant producer or business. We are also the supplier of warehouses, agricultural cooperatives and different fruit and vegetable wholesalers.

If you are looking for suppliers of cheap plastic pots for nurseries in Spain, Murgiplast is the manufacturer and distributor you need. We provide solutions to your needs for economical plastic pots and agricultural boxes and advise you on the best solutions for your business.

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CV-22×21 with grille, CV-22×21, CV-24×24, CV-24×24 with grille, CV-28×28, CV-32×32, MV-18×16, MV-20× 18, MV-24×20, MV-28×24, MV-32×26, MV-36×28, MV-42×32, MV-46×35, MV-50×35


Black, Tile


Box, Pallet 1 x 1.20 m