Fabricación de macetas de plástico por inyección

The Process of Manufacturing Plastic Pots by Injection: Details of Art and Technology

El Proceso de Fabricación de Macetas de Plástico por Inyección: Detalles del Arte y la Tecnología La fabricación de macetas de plástico por inyección es un proceso fascinante que combina precisión técnica con creatividad. En este artículo, vamos a sumergirnos en los detalles de este proceso para descubrir cómo se transforma el plástico en las […]

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history of pots - murgiplast

History of pots

Historia de las macetas Desde tiempos inmemoriales, las macetas han sido compañeras indispensables para los amantes de las plantas, los jardineros y aquellos que desean añadir un toque de verdor a sus entornos. Aunque hoy en día las vemos en una variedad de materiales y estilos, la historia de las macetas tiene sus raíces en

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Web cover - Murgiplast catalog

New Murgiplast catalog

New Murgiplast catalog Unleash creativity in agriculture and horticulture with our exclusive renewed catalog Good morning lovers of nature and agriculture! The wait is over, and at Murgiplast, we are excited to announce the launch of our new catalog of wholesale plastic pots and agricultural boxes. we are carrying

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Cheap plastic pots from Murgiplast

cheap plastic pots

Cheap plastic pots Versatile pots for everyone From nurseries to private gardens, we have what you need. Whether you are a nursery, a seedbed, a garden store or a small producer of ornamental plants, at Murgiplast we have the perfect solution for your plastic pot needs. Our variety of models adapts to everything

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Murgiplast agricultural plastic nursery box

Crib Box

Nursery Box Innovation in agriculture: the renewed nursery box Discover how the latest version of this box is redefining the standard in the transportation and storage of agricultural products. Introduction to the nursery box An essential tool in the agricultural world. In the world of agriculture, the nursery box is an element

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Murgiplast thermoformed pots

Thermoformed Pots

Thermoformed Pots Thermoformed (or thermoformed) pots are a type of pot characterized by its manufacturing process. Thermoforming or thermoforming is a process that involves heating a plastic sheet so that it softens and thus giving it shape with a mold. The main characteristics of this type of pots are the following: With

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Murgiplast plant trays (seedbeds)

Plant trays (Seedbeds)

Trays for plants (seedbeds) Discover our latest news at Murgiplast! Constantly expanding our catalog in the online store, we are proud to present you our new product line: plant trays and seedbed trays! Optimize your sowing with our specialized trays Prepared for seed germination and rooting of cuttings, our trays are the

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