Thermoformed square pots

New square thermoformed pots: expanding your catalog with quality and variety

At Murgiplast, we continually strive to bring the best to your business. This time, we are excited to introduce you to our latest addition: a new range of thermoformed square pots.

Catalog expansion: three essential models

Continuing our line of offering quality products, we have decided to expand our selection of small square pots. Now, we add three new models to meet your needs even more:

  1. VQF 7x7x8: With a square mouth of 7x7 cm, height of 8 cm and a capacity of 0.23 liters. Available in boxes of 3,045 units and pallets of 59,160 units.
  2. VQB 9x9x9.5: With a square mouth of 9x9 cm, height of 9.5 cm and capacity of 0.52 liters. Available in boxes of 1,380 units and pallets of 30,880 units.
  3. V 11x11x12 P: With a square mouth of 11×11 cm, height of 12 cm and capacity of 1 liter. Available in boxes of 744 units and pallets of 17,000 units.

Guaranteed quality: manufacturing and features

These models are manufactured by the prestigious German brand Pöppelmann TEKU using the thermoforming process. Its black color and design allow for easy stacking, making it easy to store and transport both in boxes and on pallets.

Discover more and place your order today

Interested in knowing more details? Visit our website to see all the features, photos, available quantities and prices of these new models. Place your order now and bring the quality of Murgiplast to your business! Click here for more information.