8.5 pots

Discover the trend in decoration with 8.5 centimeter diameter pots for cacti and succulents

Exploring the versatility of small pots

Currently, the decoration trend leans towards the creative use of space, even in the tiniest corners of our homes. And what better way to take advantage of those small spaces than with the incorporation of plants. This is why small pots measuring 8.5 centimeters in diameter have become the perfect choice to give life to these small spaces with style and elegance.

The Booming Popularity of Miniature Plants

In response to this growing demand, more and more nurseries, seedbeds and garden stores have expanded their offerings to include a variety of small cacti and succulents designed specifically for these types of pots. This trend has transformed the way we think about interior decoration, offering a versatile and aesthetically appealing solution for any home or workspace.

Introducing the Murgiplast 8.5 pot

In this context, at Murgiplast we are proud to be pioneers in the manufacture of standard pots in the sector for this type of crop. Thus, we are pleased to present our MCE 8.5 pot, precisely designed to meet the needs of miniature plant lovers. With a height of 7.5 centimeters and a provision of 1,152 units per box, our MCE 8.5 pot is the ideal option for any business that wants to offer these charming plants to small businesses or through online sales platforms.

Scalable supply for large producers

Furthermore, to satisfy the needs of large producers, we offer the possibility of assembling pallets with up to 34,560 units, thus guaranteeing a constant and large-scale supply for those seeking to supply larger markets.

Adding style to your space with MCE 8.5 pots

The versatility of our MCE 8.5 pots allows easy adaptation to a variety of decoration styles, from minimalist to bohemian, adding a touch of freshness and naturalness to any environment. Whether you want to create a small indoor garden in your apartment or add a touch of green to your office, our planters are the perfect choice.

Conclusion: uniting style and nature

In short, the 8.5 centimeter diameter pots represent much more than a simple container for plants; They are a style statement and an innovative way to integrate nature into our everyday spaces. At Murgiplast, we are committed to offering the highest quality products that not only beautify your spaces, but also foster a deeper connection with the natural world around us.

Are you ready to join the 8.5 centimeter pot trend? Contact us today and discover how our MCE 8.5 pots can transform your home or business!