Nursery pots

A fundamental piece in your nursery

If you own a nursery, you know that plastic pots are an essential part of your business. Together with the peat and the plant itself, they form the pot that will later be sold. Therefore, choosing the right supplier for these planters is crucial to ensure the quality and success of your crops.

Murgiplast: your partner in the production of plastic pots

At Murgiplast, we are not only manufacturers of plastic flower pots, but we are also experts in the entire process, from conception to the final product. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have continually refined the design of our pots in close collaboration with our customers. We are proud to work closely with them to improve aspects such as plastic thickness, opacity and drainage, ensuring optimal crop results.

Committed to quality and efficiency

At Murgiplast, we understand the importance of offering quality products at competitive prices. Therefore, we strive to maintain reasonable prices without compromising the quality of our nursery pots. Additionally, our efficient manufacturing process allows us to guarantee fast and reliable deliveries.

Facilitating the purchasing process with our online store

To make our products available to all nurseries, we have launched our online store at Here, you can explore our extensive catalog of plastic flower pots and place your orders quickly and conveniently. Our platform is designed to ensure an easy and secure shopping experience.

Personalized attention at all times

At Murgiplast, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. Whether you need product advice, help with your order or have any questions, our team is always available and ready to help. You can contact us through our phone number 630936245 or send us an email at

Trust Murgiplast to enhance your nursery

In short, at Murgiplast we are dedicated to providing the highest quality plastic planters to boost the success of your nursery. With our experience, commitment to quality and personalized attention, we are here to be your trusted partner in the growth of your business. Contact us today and find out how we can help you achieve your goals!